Technological Process

What is Technology?

Technology is the practical application of knowledge (science) and skills (techniques) to create solutions (technological objects or systems) which satisfy our needs or solve our problems)



What are you going to learn?

  1. Technology concepts.
  2. Steps of the technological process.

Activities that have to be done in the notebook:

  1. Technology Definition.
  2. Positive and negative effects of technology. Make a list of them in the notebook.
  3. Summarize the technological process.  Copy the table in blue on page 9.
  4. Technological object timeline.
  5. Assessment of the different possible solutions to a certain technological problem.
  6. Unit summary on page 24.
  7. Class assignments.
  8. Unit Vocabulary at the back of the notebook.


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The Technological Process


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Here you can find a much more information





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Timing Quizzes and matching exercises. Do number 1 and 2



The 3 R's