What is an Algorithm?

TechnologyAn Algorithm is a series of instructions or ordered steps for performing an acitivity or resolving a problem



What are you going to learn?

  1. The Project Approach: a tecnological algorithm
  2. Algorithms. Graphical representation
  3. Sequential algorithms.
  4. Selective algorithms. (Change the example too). Robot and traffic light?
  5. Iterative algorithms. Do activities 4 and 5 page 17. Car wipers?

Activities that have to be done in the notebook:

  1. Unit summary on page 24
  2. Comprehension Activities 1-7 on page 28
  3. Unit Vocabulary at the back of the notebook.


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What's an Algorithm and why should you care...(Khan Academy)



What's an Algorithm (Another Approach)





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Why our Kids should learn to code?