Technological Process

What is Technology?

Technology is the practical application of knowledge (science) and skills (techniques) to create solutions (technological objects or systems) which satisfy our needs or solve our problems)



Contents or lesson plan:

Activities that have to be done in the notebook:

  1. Keywords at the beginning of the unit
  2. Technology Definition.
  3. Activities 1, 2 on page 26.
  4. Activities 6 and 8 page 26
  5. Prepare a Part List of slide 19
  6. Positive and negative effects of technology. Make a list of them in the notebook.
  7. Unit summary on page 24. Copy the whole page in the notebook.

Computer Lab Activities:

  1. Searching information in Google. Page 20
  2. Planning Gantt Charts. Page 21
  3. Excel (bugect and process sheet) Pages 22-23

Moodle Tests (Compulsory)

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What is Technology


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The Technological Process


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How to work in the Workshop






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Methods of Production


Supply and Demand




Golden Rules by Steve Jobs


What is Branding

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The 3 R's



 Pros and Cons of Technology


What Internet is doing to our brain 



Planned Obsolescence



Planned Obsolescence (Advanced)